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Extra virgin olive oil – Mani Laconia


Mani- Laconia / Koroneiki Variety

Featuring a golden green color, a distinctive aroma and a balanced fruity taste, the unique extra virgin olive oil represents a unique gastronomic experience even for the most demanding palates.

It is produced from a variety called Koroneiki, a unique variety of Greece that is not grown in any other olive oil producing country. It is a very important variety that is distinguished for the efficiency and quality of the oil it produces. The oil content of the fruit is very high and produces excellent olive oil with a unique aroma and rich taste.

Koroneiki olives are harvested by hand, transported quickly and exported cold, a process that ensures a high level of natural chemical ingredients in olive oil. No preservatives or other chemicals are added.

The olive oil of Mani-Laconia is different from other olive oils because of this:

  • of the subsoil
  • climatic conditions
  • of the unique cultivation method applied in Mani-Laconia

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Unlike many other crops, we do not use artificial watering, so our olives are called dry. These olives give a valuable and dense olive oil with a sweet taste. This is also because our trees are vigorously pruned twice a year, once during the harvest and once after the spring. By arranging the volume of the branches, we have the effect of keeping the olive trees close, so that their juices run the smallest possible path from the root to the fruit.

Its acidity must be <0.8%.

Again sacrificing quantity for quality, we have the green-oily color, the wonderful, special taste, the aroma and the rich dense texture of our oil, characteristic, really unique and very special
The main advantage of Greek oil is its low acidity. The largest percentage belongs to the category of extra virgin olive oil that has an acidity of 0.8%.
Acidity is the quantity that determines the acid content in a category of olive oil.

Number of peroxides: Indicates the degree of oxidation of the oil. This size is used as a means of measuring the age of an oil, but it reveals whether it is stored properly or not.
Ultraviolet absorption: Consists of two constants (K232 and K270) and DK index. The K232 constant indicates how much time has elapsed between oil collection and oil production (the lower the better the oil), the K270 is used to indicate how fresh the oil is and the DC indicator indicates whether the oil has been mixed with other aromatic oil.

Smell and taste (Sensory evaluation): Here the human senses of smell and taste are used to attribute the organoleptic characteristics of an oil. there are both positive properties such as fruity, bitter, spicy and sweet.


Dorica bottle: 500ml


“Bag in Box” packaging with tap, 3L & 5L

Bag-in-Box packaging is the ideal solution for the food industry. Made of solid cardboard, the outer box provides excellent protection during transport. Each bag is specially made to prevent the penetration of light and air inside the olive oil, thus ensuring its contents. An airtight dispenser protects against oxygen and moisture ensuring maximum freshness and smooth pouring.

With built-in tap for easy use.

Bag in Box is the best way to store olive oil for long-term freshness,

Extra virgin olive oil, Koroneiki olives grown in the area of ​​Mani – Laconia