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ORGANIC Mountain Tea

History of Greek Mountain Tea

 For centuries, inhabitants of Greece have been drinking a tea made from the flowers and stalks of a plant that grows in the mountains, and sometimes called Mountain Tea.

It has long been believed that drinking a tea made from this plant had beneficial properties for good health, and there is scientific evidence to support those claims. Traditionally, it’s been used to relieve respiratory infections and coughs including those caused by colds, and has been used to also prevent such infections. As well, Mountain Tea is used to relieve stomach and digestive problems.

Hippocrates, who is often considered the father of modern medicine, wrote about Mountain Tea and it’s health benefits while praising it for it’s ability to heal the body when brewed with hot water. This shows us just how long this beverage has been used as both a health tonic and medicine as Hippocrates was born in the 5th century BC.

Mountain Tea is a valuable herb that thrives on the Greek mountains. It has vitamins and therapeutic properties, that make it a good guardian for our immune system. It is also one of the few herbs that have no contradictions nor side-effects due to over consumption, making it an excellent choice to enjoy safely, in cold winter and hot summer days, warming or refreshing our body and shielding our health.

Benefits of Greek Mountain Tea

 It fights hypertension and it is highly tonic. It protects against common colds, prevents fever, strengthens and stimulates the immune system, while at the same time it has anti-viral effect.

It significantly soothes problems of the respiratory system and improves cardiovascular function because it works as an anti-thrombotic.

It is rich in iron and therefore, protects us against anemia.

It stimulates gastric secretions, so it works well as a digestive. It is also ideal for treating inflammations of the stomach, intestines and the urogenital system, due to its astringent properties.

The systematic consumption of the Tea has been proved to be detoxing for several vital organs, such as the liver and kidneys. Due to its anti-oxidant action, it inhibits the growth of cancer cells.


Its analgesic and healing action combined with its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial action makes it ideal for washing wounds both externally and internally, as an infusion or as tincture.

Unlike the other types of common tea, it does not have stimulating action, so you can enjoy as much as you like.

New scientific studies in Germany are close to prove that the Greek Mountain Tea is protecting against Alzheimer’s.

Although this is not yet fully established, several studies have shown that the consumption of Greek Mountain Tea helps prevent osteoporosis.


Add a teaspoon of ironwort (sideritis) in boiled water and let it steep for 5 minutes to release the aromas.

It may also be enjoyed cold with honey or lemo.

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